Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Harry Potter Party event

On the night of, we made slime in Potions class, planted bean plants in Herbology, ate cake and butter beer during tea, didn't look at the stars during Astronomy because of clouds, then we cast charms with firework sparklers then watched Prisoner of Azkaban . They had a good time.
Butter Beer - ice cream, cream soda with butterscotch extract and whipped cream

Quidditch cake - pretty sketch, but Grace really liked it. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Harry Potter Party

My love, my heart, my first-born turned 8 on July 20. Since she's brilliant, she's been reading and loving the Harry Potter series. Thanks to Pinterest, there are lots and lots of ideas out there. We had a sleepover with school/class activities. There weren't a lot of girls there because of summer and her age, I think, but the ones who were there had a good time. 
Snitch cake pops were probably my biggest fail. I used chocolate, which showed through. I used those chocolate melts in a yellow color and they were really thick and didn't cover well. 

Goody bags - chocolate frogs, snitch pops, Bertie Botts Beans, lightning bolt cookies and Harry Potter glasses. 

I used Gimbol's jelly beans for Bertie Botts. 

Lightning bolt cookies. 

Hedwig balloons

Balloons carried the class schedule. 

Bertie Botts Bingo 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Whole wheat tortillas and more

I'm still cooking and trying to make more things from scratch. I used this whole wheat tortilla recipe and really liked it. I used smaller balls to make smaller tortillas and that works better for us.
I've been making corn tortillas from masa for a while and love it, but I bought a huge bag of flour from Azure Standard and wanted to use some of it up too. I have a tortilla press that makes life, oh, so much better for making corn tortillas, but it doesn't work on the flour. That I had to use a rolling pin, though it wasn't hard because the recipe calls for oil, which makes the dough not stick to the rolling surface = user friendly. The hardest part is being patient and cooking each tortilla, then watching my husband shove them in his mouth sans topping, not appreciating the love time and attention that went into each one.
I found a no-knead bread recipe in a book that I've been making too, using water or whey from my homemade yogurt. (I use the whey to make pancakes too.) It has to rise a long time, but the bread turns out well, so I make it more often. There are a lot of add-in options. I used chocolate, which was not great from a taste perspective (though Millie loved it, and it was good with peanut butter) because I didn't add more sugar to make it sweet, but that makes it more hippie/artesian, right? That's how you know it's homemade-it tastes like dog doo. My family eats anything, which is why I'm so leery of introducing my creations in public - it may not be that good. It certainly is not made from super rich, super processed ingredients. I experiment a lot ;)
I've been brewing kombucha - and I love it. Again, I'm making it for me and I'll drink almost anything (from my protein drink years), so I'm leery of sharing it, especially for first-timers - because unless you're used to it and like it, kombucha tastes like vomit. I mix it with water, fruit juice, vodka, water sticks, etc. I rarely drink it straight, but sometimes I do and sometimes the first sip knocks me out. But I'm making it myself and it tastes very similar to the ones I buy from Basic Foods for much less money. And I like the science experiment in the kitchen aspect of it. I'm thinking of trying a sourdough starter, but I don't know if I'm ready for the commitment.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cooking eggs

Egg tips

I don't like eggs. I've never liked eggs. But I know they are good protein and I should eat them. But I can't. Fortunately, Grace likes eggs, so I can cook them for her, so I do. Sometimes they are better than other times. She's found that she loves hard-boiled eggs, but we haven't had much luck. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help. 
Now I just need a good source of fresh chicken eggs. 

Another Weird Al - Word Crimes

I don't always get his humor, but the first 2 he released just tickle me.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Are you tacky too?

I have to listen to this at least once a day or I can't go on. 
I don't know what it says about me, but I love it.