Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mystery quilts

I've been working on the Quiltville En Provence mystery quilt and Meadow Mist. They both ended at about the same time.  I'm making one into placemats and a table runner for a friends wedding.  The other I'm just making into a quilt.  Also I'm ready to sandwich and quilt last year's Quiltville mystery.  I'm excited about that. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Math and science night

This is what Millie and I did during math and science night at Grace's school.  Millie can't do math and there were a lot of people waiting on the experiment stations. She made a straw rocket and we chased each other around with that.  Fun stuff. 

Homework help

I'm helping her with her homework here.  She has to write a news article for a book they're reading.  I helped her get to know some features of Google docs.  I forget that everyone doesn't just Know how to change the font size or center a line.  It was fun to teach her some stuff and type and help edit her thoughts.