Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fairy Princess Party

For Gracie's friend Amirah's birthday party, we went to a bowling party, then to a Princess party in Pearland. She had a great time both places.

Christmas II


Christmas was nice and relaxing. Probably for the first time I wasn't ready to go back to school.
These were our Christmas pictures.

Christmas play

Gracie played Mary in the Christmas play. Actually all of the little girls were Mary. It was super cute. And Brady got to come!

Thanksgiving at Granny's

I went from having a full week off for Thanksgiving to being gone for most of the week. We went to Arlington for a few days, then Gracie, mom, Amanda, Brady and I went to Arkansas to visit our Granny. And yes, the Aggies beat TU that week!

Other fall

I took Gracie to a Family Day at 2 museums in Beaumont. The art and the energy, I think. Part of it celebrated the day of the dead, some dinosaurs and some insects. it was a mix. Fun.


For Halloween this year Gracie dressed up as Ming-Ming. I made her costume, but it turned out well. I also made Scott a shell to go as Tuck and I went as Cowgirl Linnie. G and I went to Grace's trunk or treat on Wednesday, then to a few places on Halloween night.

No updates!! Fall

I haven't updated in a long time. Since summertime.
We've started school.
For my birthday in September we went to the zoo. We had a day off on a Monday and we went to the zoo and the Museum of Natural Science to see Archaeopteryx. It was dinosaur day because there were dinosaurs at the zoo too.