Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Estate sale/Thrift store finds

Cute leprechaun girl with snail. I think it's a candle holder.

Look at this cutie patootie!

Shoes for the new baby. $1 a pair.

$1 belts

Monday, January 30, 2012

I had my first emotional, out of no-where crying jag yesterday. Maybe not out of no-where. I hit my head on a cabinet when I was looking for a lid for a bowl, so that hurt and I cried, then when Scott tried to comfort me, I wouldn't let him. I was still trying to find lids to bowls that weren't where they should be, which continued to set me off. And I was already mad at Scott for making me look like a neglectful and stupid mother in front of my mother. AGAIN. For the same thing. Maybe I will learn from this experience, but my goodness - between Gracie and Scott, surely they can put together a complete bag to take to mawmaw's house. She started to look before she leaves - which I totally don't blame her for - but they packed an ugly dress outfit for church with no tights and no shoes. WTH people!?! Between the 2 of them, they dress her every day! I don't have anything to do with dressing her because he does it in the mornings after I leave for work. There's no reason for me to do so! SO when I go into her room to find her some tights to match or another dress and some shoes, I can't find shit because her room is a cuss cuss cuss mess. So she's going to be cleaning it today. Along with her daddy. Because if I go in there and do it, they will destroy it on principle. If I make them do it every day, maybe it will sink in. No wonder she wears jeans and shirts to school every day. There's no way to find her cute stuff. Ugh! And it makes me look so bad. I guess I need to be more proactive about it, but I just don't have the energy to do stuff other people can easily take care of. Trifling!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I can't find my camera! It's somewhere. I used it last weekend to take pictures of the garden experience, but it's disappeared now. Friday night I took Gracie to our school's talent show. They called it Indian Idol and it was very good. The first act was a guy playing keyboards and singing with a girl singing Adele. There were some original songs and a few dancers. It was good to see talented kids shine.
Saturday we got up early and went to IHOP for breakfast. Coffee there is $2.39! I was shocked. We bought a birthday present and went to our church's thrift shop to look for Gracie some rain boots, because hers are too small. We didn't find any, but I did get some cute little figurines - no camera to show you though. I found some maternity capris and a cute purple sheet to use for fabric. Then we went to Beaumont - Specs for some vodka for when my vanilla beans come in, then to Chuck E Cheese for a family birthday party. It was good. Gracie had a good time. Most of the family kids were there, so they all got to play together. Gracie went home with my mom, so I had the rest of the day to myself. I finished my Christmas tree part of the quilt; I washed and folded up and hung up some baby clothes. I started going through my scraps and straightening them up. I want to sew and make something, but I don't know what. We really don't need any more blankets around here. I found a tutorial for a chapstick holder and one for a baby block that I may try today. Give the chapstick holders as part of a hostess gift for my friends who are throwing me a shower in March. Kind of a lazy, productive night. Scott and I are going to church Sunday, then going home to take a nap until we get Gracie back. Then she is spending some time cleaning her room. With me supervising!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


We were playing our favorite game last night - what should our baby's name be? Scott likes Amelia and suggested Amelia Katherine. So we were playing around with nick names. Melly Kat aka smelly cat - so - that's a no! Gracie is back to Sara. I like Sophie still.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weighty thoughts

I've gained 10 pounds so far this pregnancy. Part of me knows that fine; that I should and probably will gain more. Part of me is freaking out a bit, though I promised myself and others that I wouldn't freak out about it. What really worries me is the complete regression to my former bad eating habits. Eating at night, drinking when I eat, getting chocolate from the vending machine! That's not part of my new eating habits. Of course, I'd planned for the chocolate; brought money into school to buy the chocolate and that was after I'd already eaten my orange and my pear. It feels like I'm grazing all the time. I'm bringing more protein bars up today and I had a more substantial breakfast. But still - am I going to be able to go back to my good habits after the baby is born? It was too easy to fall back into the old ways. I don't know. Just a little early morning concerns.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nag, nag, nag ;)

Gracie notices everything and remembers everything. She knows that since my surgery, I'm not supposed to drink while I eat. I've always gone to herculean lengths to avoid it because it's a pitfall and a slippery slope. Since I've been pregnant and not giving a damn about losing weight rules, I've been drinking while I eat. Gracie noticed it today at dinner, and I asked her to help me remember not to do it. Tonight, while she's supposed to be asleep, she heard me moving around in the kitchen and nagged me about it from her bed. Unbelievable. I can't get away with anything ;)
 We took our church directory pictures today, after much angsting and such about clothes and shoes, etc. They aren't the best pictures we've ever taken, but not the worst either. We wore blue, which is supposedly the color this season. We didn't want to order the big family picture because our family will change and we'll do that for Christmas this year with all 4 of us. So we got some wallets of Gracie by herself, a 5x7 of Scott and me and a 3-picture collage of all of us, Grace and me and Grace and Scott. Our usual line up, just a smaller version of each. In blue.
Madagascar vanilla beans
red wiggler worms

My mystery shopping money came in this month, and we're unusually solvent, so I ordered some vanilla beans to make homemade vanilla for gifts this year and some worms to start a worm bin. I'm excited about both purchases, via ebay. I have to get a handle (1/2 gallon) of vodka this weekend to start the vanilla and locate an old rubbermaid bin for the worms, but hopefully these will be better than the ones I've tried before. New worms, new plants - new year? Success? It's raining this week, so hopefully my plants will be off to a good start. I will post pics later on with more info - just for my own record-keeping. I really hope something good grows.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy Saturday

Gracie is gone unexpectedly again tonight, so I'm alone. It's been a productive day without her. I got up early and made pancakes for Scott, did the dishes, made a picture frame. I found Grace's ultrasound pics in the console of the car - ya know, where we put them more than 5 years ago after we got finished showing them around - and had the wild hair of making a picture frame for both of our girls' ultrasounds. I'll post pics later. I'm not finished. I'm going to decorate it prettier, but I made progress. I went to Wal-Mart and got some plants to plant. I'll post more about those later with pics. I have a book that I'm documenting things in. I think that if I just have one successful crop of anything I'll be ok. My crazy - CRAZY idea is that if I can get things to produce to where I have to preserve them I can buy canning supplies and learn to do that. CRAZY - I know. But I do love fresh produce - bell peppers, cucumbers. Making my own spaghetti sauce would save, like $1 per jar - Crazy. I'll stop, but I would enjoy doing that, so I'm going to hold out and try to get a crop going. Just one would feel like I could do it again. So I'm working on it this spring into summer. And growing my baby.

I feel like I need a pic. Here is Gracie right after she was born - a long time ago - 5 1/2 years in real time
So I bought plants and came home and planted them. Scott worked in the garage for awhile and brought in more baby things. I took a nap, worked on my crochet, did a mystery shop, sat around, am making heart-shaped sugar cookies, an angel food cake and salmon patties for my lunch next week. Whew - all in one day. And I still feel a little lazy. :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby blanket

I'm making this baby blanket for the new baby. After a pitiful first attempt with crappy colors, my friend started me off right in the center. For some reason, I can't get the middle parts down. Once that's started, I can crochet my heart out, but I needed her to begin it. It's from a freebie I picked up at a craft store. I'm using stashed yarn in baby pink and white. It's pretty so far. But it's going to take FOREVER! I like straight crochets or granny squares that make up fast, but this is not going to make up fast. I think I'm going to make a goal of a white round and a pink round per night. That will get me further. I just need to get off of this dadburned machine and get crocheting!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Library books

I got a wild hair last Friday and Gracie and I went to the library. I wanted to get some science books - my friend was reading a good one and I thought the library would be a good place to find some. Alas, our library is not that good. I did end up with a quilting book, a biography of Catherine the Great and a book called Homegrown and Handmade.
I read Catherine the Great up until she became empress of Russia. It was interesting. I've never thought or studied much about Russia or its history. It's fascinating what people will give up for power - what motivates them to do what they do. After she got the throne, she treated other people, like her son and daughter-in-law, the same way she was treated (badly) by her husband's aunt. The book itself is very accessible - very readable.

I picked up this book because I'm thinking of doing a spring garden. It was definitely interesting. It doesn't make me want to run out and get chickens and goats, but it does make me want to find locals who do those things and see how it is. And of course, grow a garden, which I always have good intentions for, but which never happens. Because I'm lazy about watering. One of these days! Maybe this year. Beans and onions and a tomato plant. We'll see.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Active Baby

Saturday, she was very active. Today she was quiet until about 4:30 or so.
I'm cranky. Gracie says she's cranky because she's teething. She lost another tooth. This one fell out during the day, but she was playing with it and lost it. She's going to write another note to the tooth fairy. She drove me crazy Saturday. I was terrible mother, but that doesn't phase her a bit. She wants to climb all over me and be in my face - and I just can't take that. We made homemade dish detergent and homemade laundry detergent. I'll post pictures, the actual tutorial and if it's any good later -  we haven't had a chance to use it yet. Grace spent most of yesterday and today with my mother, which I'm grateful for. She asks a million questions, the same questions you've already answered, just to entertain herself. It really makes me want to pinch her little head off sometimes. I AM CRANKY!
Scott and I got to spend some time together today. We got up early and had Starbucks for breakfast, then went to Beaumont to shop for baby things. Or just look at baby things. We started @ Home Depot to look for a dresser or something. We found the perfect thing to fit in the baby's closet, which is pretty deep. It's a 9-hole cubby that you can put fabric drawers in. We got the cubby and will wait on the drawers for the bedding. We looked for bedding at Target and Babies R Us. I guess it's switchover time, because there wasn't much. There were some cute stuff, but I have my heart set on owls. BRU had the girl owl set that was $190. There were cute accessories too, but I can make sheets and stuff with fabric if it comes down to that. We'll find cheaper cute stuff somewhere. But super cute. We looked for a new rug for the living room since ours is completely trashed. I did  not go into Joann's. I went to my mom's to get Gracie and Scott started working on the nursery. He cleaned off the bed that was in there, moved it against a wall and put up the baby bed. It's a larger room than Gracie's room is, so we're leaving the guest bed in there for mawmaws (or us) to spend the night later on. We have to find some wall decals and get cute stuff, but it's going to be a nursery. I'm already thinking about getting out all of Gracie's old newborn clothes and going through, washing and putting them away in the cubbies that aren't put together and the drawers that aren't bought. Picking out her going home from the hospital outfit. 4 more months! I started a baby blanket that I'll post pics of later and I worked some on my Christmas tree quilt. I'm about to go to bed now. 4-day work week. Wahoo!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas presents

Christmas dress from Mawmaw Wilson

Christmas pin

Christmas pjs

Haul from my friends for Gracie 

Haul from my friends for me.

Rapunzel dress from Santa

Squinkies! Totally useless toy but addicting. There are little coins that you put in and you get a squinkie. Like the toy machines outside restaurants and stores.   

She's jealous of the baby doll her cousin got, but loving the winter clothes.

Wearing her Rapunzel dress and unwrapping her presents in A-ton

Family picture in front of the tree @ church.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Home made valentines

Friday I knew that Gracie and I would be together. Usually she goes to my mother's, but she was busy, so G stayed with me Friday night. I brought home pink and red paper so she could start making home made valentines for her friends at school. I went through her stickers and decided Strawberry Shortcake would be cute, so I made up a sample so she can copy. She's interested and wants to assign ones to each person, but she hasn't sat down and worked hard on them. Of course, we have more than a month left too. We got to use some of her Christmas presents, scissors that cut different shapes. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas play

The Christmas play at church this year was so cute. I actually videoed it because she was so good. She sang really loud and played her part so well. 

Angel Gracie

Cows go "Moo!"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Loose teeth - big girl

My baby is growing up! She came back from the dentist with 2 loose teeth. She was so excited - wiggling them around. Creeped me out, but she was keen. She lost them both at night. I think it's because she grinds her teeth at night. She swallowed them both - so we had to write the tooth fairy a note. She understood and left her $2.
She's also going to her own events now - within reason. She went Christmas caroling with the kids from church on her own. I had to go to a workshop and my mother didn't want to go, so she went on her own. She had a great time. I went to pick her up to go to a different party and she was still playing. She knew I was there and wanted me to sit by her, but she was doing well on her own. The sponsors said she did really well. She also went to her Christmas play practice by herself.
She made her first pun the other day. She got a Build-a-bear kit for Christmas and made it. Then talked about how it didn't need shoes because bears have bare feet.
She sings all the time - in the shower, in the car - loud and proud.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I was going to do a post on books I'm looking forward to in 2012 - but there isn't much! Jayne Ann Krentz is starting new series, so we'll see if those are anything I want to read. Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs aren't coming out this year - the next in her Alpha and Omega series is, and those are pretty good. Ilona Andrews might have something out later on; same with Nalini Singh. I've been rereading the same books, though. Or re-listening, as the case may be. Lots of William Gibson, Terry Pratchett, Mercy Thompson, some Krentz/Quick, Andrews, some Singh. Re-reading Shelly Laurenston - those never get old. What to read next though!?!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Gracie School Christmas

I made this for Grace's teacher. I finished it up into an ornament. Of course, this is the unfinished version. 

Stuff Gracie made at school during the week before the break. 

Stuff Gracie made at school during the week before the break. 

Stuff Gracie made at school during the week before the break. And a thank you note from G's teacher.

Gracie's room mother made this stocking that they could decorate. I love the calligraphy at the top. So pretty!
They had a great party. I wasn't able to go, unfortunately, but it sounded like a good time ;)

Full moon WIPs

Somewhere in the blogosphere bloggers are posting their WIPocalypse progress on full moons. I can't commit - I'm a lurker @ heart, but I put all the dates on my calendar and I'm going to post my WIP progress on those days. 
These are the plans for the Christmas tree quilt? wall hanging?
This is the progress so far on the Christmas tree thing. Squares with white.
Lisa Snowman cross stitch

Sunday, January 8, 2012


These are the placemats I made. I love the fabrics. The good thing about these kinds of gifts is that you can give a set every year and they will all be different. I finally found a great tutorial here for doing the corners.  I'm really not sure why anyone would go through the trouble of making quilt binding when you can just use the backing. Unless it's part of the aesthetic. Anyway, I like making them and they're not hard -picking out the fabric is fun too!  

Saturday, January 7, 2012


My friend Jessica does this sometimes, so I'm going to do it when she does. I found an end-of-year survey I'm still working on. I've found that I'm not an introspective thinker, so reflecting back on my year is taking some time. I gave one to my husband. Maybe his answers will help me remember some of mine ;)

1. How do you feel about NY resolutions? Do you make them? Do you forget about them quickly? Do they help you?
I don't remember last year's resolutions. I know I made some. I'm a goal oriented person. That's just what I do. It helps if you write them down some place and put some momentum behind them. I'm sure some of it was to be better about cleaning house. We did ok for awhile. Then Christmas threw up all over our house and I got tired.     

2. Did you put up a Christmas tree? How many? Is it still up?

Scott and Gracie always work on the Christmas tree. It's always been his thing. Partly because I'm lazy - though I would do it if he didn't. It's always been a family tradition for him and he likes the spirit of it. It isn't still up. Scott and Grace were off together Monday and they took it down while I was @ work. 

3. How many total Christmases did you choose to have to attend outside of your home?
We did one with my family on  the 18th. We did a friend Christmas, then a small family Christmas, a ladies group Christmas, then we went to Arlington for Scott's family. 

4. What are you most looking forward to this year?


5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blogland this week.
Real life was back to the grindstone. I've always liked my job and liked going to work, but some days it's like beating your head against a wall.   Exciting news about our baby girl. My sister sounds like she just got a great promotion. Gracie has been . . . well she's been 5. I started some more facebook games, which I swore I'd never do. I want to cross stitch instead, but Country life keeps calling my name. I spent $20 of my Christmas money at Big Lots on snacks. Pitiful, but they'll last me a month or so, eating @ school and @ home.

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's a girl!

We found out Tuesday that we're having a perfect baby girl in May. We'll have a matched set - 6 years apart. Gracie was really excited. She said she knew it would be a girl. We had no idea - had no preference. Now we have to come up with a name. That's the hard part. We have it narrowed down (or not) to Sara or Amelia. Maybe. We have months to decide. I think we are going to go with the owl theme for the nursery. Aside from bedding and other decorations, the only thing we need for it is a dresser. We'll use the same crib and changing table. We saved a lot of Gracie's clothes and other accoutrement.
I've gained 11 lbs so far. For 5 months, that's not too bad. As long as it stays in the belly region, I'm not going to panic too much. Baby needs calories, right?  ;) 
The baby is perfect size and weight, which is a relief. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

No more Gingerbread houses ever!

It was a gift Scott's mom sent to Gracie to open on Dec. 1. Looks promising. 

Look at that happy girl!

Still standing.


Unhappiness! Maybe I'm not the one to do this. Scott should do it next year. It never turns out well for me. Good eating though ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Craftiness - bags

I made Gracie a new ballet bag with this remnant I got from Wal-mart. Our is starting to carry fabric again. Exciting. I love the remnants!

The rest of these bags I finally made up for my friends' Christmas. I made placemats and put other stuff in them. I love the tutorial here.  

Monday, January 2, 2012

Update - baby gifts!

New Year's resolution - update this more frequently :)
We are going Tuesday to look at the baby and see if we can determine if it's a boy or girl. It's started moving around and that never gets old.
This is the haul the new baby got from my friends for Christmas. We also found out that my sister is having another baby at the end of June. So exciting for our family this summer!

Scott's parents gave us this and a lamb stuffed animal for the baby. I think we'll do owls for the nursery. It's trendy, but I've seen some really cute fabric in pink and blue to make things I can't buy. Or, you know, just to make :)