Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brady-Colt Party

My nephews turned 3 and 1 within a week of each other, so my sister had a joint party. Lots of family made the trip to Jasper for it. It was nice to see everyone. The food was great and the company was fun. The kids got to play in some pools outside and a big blow up slide. I didn't get a picture of Colt, but here's me and Brady about to blow out his candles. 
Brady and Auntie LuLu

Grace, Evan and Kitty

Millie liked Colt's toy

My smiling baby.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

More from May - Hillary's wedding

After all of the weddings and showers she's thrown for us over the years, it was finally Hillary's turn to be the star. She got married at the Brown Center in Orange, where my sister also got married. It was a lovely evening and everything was beautiful.

Millie and Mawmaw

My sister the maid of honor

Beautiful hair do

Friday, July 26, 2013

More from May - Millie's 1st Birthday

Oh, my very last baby is 1. She's such a delight. We had her party the Sunday after recital, because, you know, we had to make that weekend as busy as possible. Really I did it so that if Scott's sisters were able to come in for the recital they could be here for the party too. I can't remember if either of them were there. Not many people showed up. I was disappointed that more family didn't come, but I'm grateful the ones who came made the trip. It was a nice day, though the venue was crowded. We ended up way back from where I wanted to be, but it was shady and the kids were able to go to the park and play. 
Her birthday breakfast
Birthday invitation
So what is Millie doing now that she's one? Well, she isn't walking. We think she can, but she gets around better on her hands and knees. She can knee-walk, which is super cute. She isn't talking really, though, again, I think she can but just won't. She's been saying "Dada" for months. She has said "Mama," but she doesn't really. Anytime I prompt her to, she says "Dada." She's stubborn and determined. She only sleeps in her crib, for naps and bed. She won't fall asleep anywhere else, which is one reason my parents don't keep her much and she doesn't do well away from home. She makes her rounds in the kitchen, dumping out the chalk bin, taking tupperwares out of the cabinet, unpacking her bottle box and taking down water bottles that I had stacked up. She likes to watch cartoons. She likes to climb in chairs. She likes to play in her sister's room. She loves her blue fish and round owl. 
Trying to use chalk as lipstick.

Playing with birthday toys

Guarding Sissy's fort

She loves dishwashers.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More of May - Soccer/Recital

May was a busy month for us. There was dance recital and soccer and a birthday party and a wedding and the end of school . . . 
Team picture. We're really going to miss Graciela and Jose. 
Grace really enjoys playing soccer and has played for a few years. It's amazing how far she has come playing-wise. She likes being on the field, though she isn't very aggressive. She follows the ball around and tries to get it. She's been in the same team (pretty much) with the same wonderful coaches the whole time, which has been wonderful for us. We feel totally comfortable with her in their hands, etc. This next season, they are mixing up the teams because some of the players have been with the same teams for so long, they feel it isn't fair to new teams or players. They are also separating the men from the boys, so to speak. There are 2 divisions - a competitive one where everyone learns the same skills and a recreational one, where there are still teams and coaches. We chose the recreational one. Well, Grace chose it. It was cheaper, which is good to me, but she wants to be a cheerleader in high school, not play soccer. I'm not sure how popular the other thing is or how that's going to play out. I'm not really sure how many of her teammates signed up for which one. I guess we'll find out in the fall. 
This season she had a few new girls, who were a lot of fun and some great new moms. I'm not the social type, but they were really nice and very generous and giving to all the girls. 

Grace has started to pose for every picture.
I can't get Blogger to arrange these how I want!?! Ugh!  There has to be a better way!

 Recital was in May as well. We had a family wedding on recital night, so I did dress rehearsal with my mom and left recital night to Scott and his parents. It seemed to go well. Grace was in 3 numbers. She hadn't said much about the dances or shown us much throughout the year, but she was really good and enthusiastic onstage. I'm grateful that my mom feels it's something Grace "needs" and is willing to pay for because she really enjoys it.