Monday, November 21, 2016

My trip to International Quilt Festival in Houston Part I

It was great, of course. I got up and left super early and I'm glad I did because there was a bad wreck on the way. I got there in plenty of time, but it was a close call for panic-y me. Of course there's construction all around the George R. Brown convention center.
The first class was a free motion quilting class. It was very fun. When we got there, the machines were already set up and ready to go. Of course, the dealers are trying to sell you the machines at a low, discounted price, which is still close to $1000. Nice machines, of course, but nothing too special. The lady was great, but talked a lot before we got started. It was annoying because she also gave us a packet that explained what she was talking about, so you could just read the packet.
The class was a lot of fun. What she said that rang the most true is that no class or technique is going to take the place of you, at your machine, practicing. That's one of the reasons I love sewing - it's a skill that I can and do get better at.

We had to bring quilt sandwiches to practice on. Really fun stuff. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

General craftiness

I'm making a whole stack of these for Christmas gifts. I started this summer. I have all of the materials - fabric for pillow cases and fiberfill for the pillows. I just haven't finished them. Sometimes my FMQ isn't working, so I have to either come back later or figure out something else. I spiraled the wreaths and may do a square spiral on the outsides. Not sure. I have some time. Once that part is done, there's not a lot left to do to finish it. Just work. I think they'll be well-received, and since it's a Kimberbell, I can make new covers for the pillows every year. Yah!
I love to sew. I think I love sewing more than almost anything else I've ever gotten into. My biggest issues are the mental energy left at the end of the day and the mess in my sewing room. It's also the girls play room and the laundry room, so just getting in there is a chore, no matter how many times I ask for it to be cleaned up. It's not my mess. If it were up to me, I would chuck everything in the garbage can and just buy new socks. But it's not and it's stressful. But I love sewing! 

My Quilt guild name tag

A row - this one is from Missouri. There is a boy in Grace's grade that I had both of his older siblings in class and she brought this back for me. I'm working on a mirror image for her, but sometimes my zig zagger doesn't work like I want it to.

Part of a row

Another row from a friend

Another row

I made little tissue holders and put snacks in them for my colleagues for back to school.

I made a iron caddy. This took some doing and required some special materials. I don't know that I'll make another one, though I do have the materials. I made one for my friend Rebecca in Nightmare Before Christmas theme. 

A row I made that a friend gave me, then I made a table runner for her birthday. It was well-received. 

My square for the round robin my quilt guild is doing. I'm sure I'll post more on that. But isn't it cute! I can't wait to see what becomes of it!