Monday, July 26, 2010

What I did this summer

I played. Gracie and I played A LOT. Both together and separately. We've been together a lot because Scott is working 2 jobs right now. But since we only have one car, we still see him quite a bit, driving him there and picking him up.

We've seen alligators at the library. We love storytime!

We go see movies at other libraries, read books and play at the mall playground.

I've seen more Clifford the Big Red dog than anyone should have to ever in one life time.
And we've been working on projects. We took pictures today of some of the ones we've done. There are lots more. There's always lots more - but I've cleaned the house and some have been (shhh!) tossed. Our good friend gave Gracie a craft box full of projects for her birthday and she's been having a ball! She's so creative!

These are pop beads we've used to make jewelry with. We bought them with her birthday money.

I decoupaged one of our TV trays with photos from our 4th of July adventure to NASA. It was my first time to do it. I thought it could have been worse. Next time I'll choose more colorful things. I'm starting a collection of bright pretty flower pictures for the next project.

Gracie has discovered pbskids and she's a natural with the computer. I listen to her play and am just amazed at how quickly she's learning words and sounds and predicting what comes next. And it's a great thing for her to do separately.

She's 4 now and such a hoot! She's logical and creative and knows exactly what she wants. Sometimes she drives me crazy and mawmaw keeps her for a night or two, but I've been having a great summer with her. It's always something different.

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