Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Parent-teacher conference

We had Gracie's first p-t conference. It went well. We had concerns about her behavior - she never has any comments on her behavior chart, and we wanted to make sure she was being good in class. But her teacher said she knows when to be quiet and when she can talk. She said she obviously loves school, which she does. Another concern we had was that she was bored in class because she had covered this same curriculum in pre-school. But her teacher said that she doesn't finish early and takes her time. We forget that she has a summer birthday and is younger than the rest of her peer group. She needs that time to develop more fine-motor skills, like writing her name, etc. She counted to 59 without messing up. Her only S- was for writing her name, which she does pretty well now. We got a math program for the computer that they're going to start soon. So overall, good. We're proud of her for doing so well!  

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