Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crafty update

Well the sewing machine is out of commission right now. Hopefully I'll get that in the shop this week. But I have been crafty. I got some really cute variegated yarn at goodwill and finally started making scarves. They turned out so well. They're skinny, but that's ok. I used this pattern from PlanetJune. The first time I made it, I did exactly what the pattern said, and I thought it was too short. So that one was for Gracie. I made another one longer and thicker for her teacher. Then I used another type of yarn and made it thicker. Instead of a foundation chain and a single crochet over it, I did 5 layers of single crochet then went around with the scallops. The purple ones are for Gracie and Miss May. The other ones are for friends. I made one for my nephew too. I ran out of the variegated yarn, so I used bits of yarn I had that was of similar colors to the varigated yarn and faked it. It turned out well, but was messy while I was making it. 
My faked varigated yarn
close up of the faking

The real variegated yarn.

Pretty purple for Gracie and her teacher and others. 

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