Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Best friend from college Leslie

The first part of our vacation was my LWML convention in College Station. We were really excited about this convention. We lived in College Station in college and that's where I got started in the LWML. Many of the ladies involved with the convention planning were mentors.It was like Old Home Week and I got to show off the new baby. She was a big hit with the ladies. And Gracie - I was pregnant with Gracie when we hosted the convention in Beaumont in 2006, so many of these ladies knew Gracie before she was born.
I got to spend time with my best friend Leslie from college. We got to see my college pastor and his wife, who brought me into the LWML and is definitely a mentor. We got to spend some fun times with fun ladies.I kept Amelia with me for a lot of the convention. She was ok. We got to bond.
I did have one thing happen that was upsetting and dramatic with a lady from my society. I didn't do anything wrong, though there were things I could have done differently leading up to the trip. She ended up being upset with me for stepping in as delegate when she didn't show up in time. She stewed over that for awhile, then showed up to where we were all having dinner and made a scene. It was upsetting and I'm not sure how to handle it. I emailed our Pastor and our society president and they were supportive, but this lady has been at our church her whole life and we're relative newcomers. And she definitely has some mental issues, so I'm not sure what she's going to do next. I have another week or so before I have to give a report at our meeting. Hopefully she'll settle down or apologize or something. Normally this sort of thing would cause untold anxiety for me, but I prayed a lot about it and that was just the first part of our week-long vacation. I couldn't let it take too much of a toll.  

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