Friday, July 26, 2013

More from May - Millie's 1st Birthday

Oh, my very last baby is 1. She's such a delight. We had her party the Sunday after recital, because, you know, we had to make that weekend as busy as possible. Really I did it so that if Scott's sisters were able to come in for the recital they could be here for the party too. I can't remember if either of them were there. Not many people showed up. I was disappointed that more family didn't come, but I'm grateful the ones who came made the trip. It was a nice day, though the venue was crowded. We ended up way back from where I wanted to be, but it was shady and the kids were able to go to the park and play. 
Her birthday breakfast
Birthday invitation
So what is Millie doing now that she's one? Well, she isn't walking. We think she can, but she gets around better on her hands and knees. She can knee-walk, which is super cute. She isn't talking really, though, again, I think she can but just won't. She's been saying "Dada" for months. She has said "Mama," but she doesn't really. Anytime I prompt her to, she says "Dada." She's stubborn and determined. She only sleeps in her crib, for naps and bed. She won't fall asleep anywhere else, which is one reason my parents don't keep her much and she doesn't do well away from home. She makes her rounds in the kitchen, dumping out the chalk bin, taking tupperwares out of the cabinet, unpacking her bottle box and taking down water bottles that I had stacked up. She likes to watch cartoons. She likes to climb in chairs. She likes to play in her sister's room. She loves her blue fish and round owl. 
Trying to use chalk as lipstick.

Playing with birthday toys

Guarding Sissy's fort

She loves dishwashers.

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