Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Aggiecon 2014 Costume contest

Grace entered the costume contest as a fairy princess. She went right up on stage and talked in to the microphone like she was twice her age. She's such a little lady! She was among the winners as the cutest. No prizes, but she was really happy to be on stage and be with the other cosplayers, especially the ponies. She wants to cosplay one of the ponies next year. And Hermione, which she loves. I think a pony would be better for the costume contest, but Hermione is a great costume too. 

initial onstage
Onstage with all the winners.
Baby Yoda is not having it. 

In line with her number

Unhappy super girl, but sexy daddy

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He said he's cosplaying Ironma

Maw and Paw Steampunk

Sad super girl is sad

on stage with emcee

Pony girls

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