Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Body Awareness

Amanda said G's going to be going through a stage of body awareness. And she is, which makes for some oddly uncomfortable moments.
G - I closed by booty so you can't spank me.


Me: (seeing G laying on the floor sucking in her stomach and releasing it) What are you doing?
G: Giving myself boobs.
Me: Baby, those aren't boobs, those are ribs. Come her let me show you.
She (as Thomasina the cat) crawled over and I went over her chest and ribs and belly again.
She insists that her heel isn't part of her foot.
G: These are my boobs. (pointing to her chest)
Me: Baby, you don't have boobs yet. You'll have them when you're older. Right now that's called your chest. We don't say boobs in front of people; we call it our chest.
G: (knowing that she can do a lot of things, like get into a hot tub when she's older) I'll have boobs when I can get in the hot tub.
Me: Yes, baby, you'll probably have boobs then.
G: (pointing at her nipple) This is my boob.
Me: (knowing if I tell her it's her nipple that will be her new favorite word) No, baby, that's just part of your chest.
G: It's a mole!
Me: No, baby, it's just part of your chest.
G: It's a mole!


She calls bras "boob holders." We saw some small cup bras at Wal-mart and she said they were "baby boob holders." What a hoot!

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