Monday, August 10, 2009

Funny Baby

Gracie totally cracks me up. She comes up with the most random stuff. Right now she's a baby owl flying back to her tree. We still play Mama Duck and Baby Duck.
Yesterday she wanted to do the Yoga DVD. She tried really hard to convince me to do it too, but I was pretty content to watch her. She got a bath mat to be her Yoga mat, then worked some of the moves and breathing. Funny stuff.
It's fun to see what she comes up with to play. We can hear her bedroom door open and close loudly. When we hear it open, we just wait for her newest clothing combination. Yesterday she found her snowman tights from last winter and wore them to bed with a lime green t-shirt. You pick your battles, ya know?
She loves the Shrek song "All-star" and can almost sing the entire first verse. All the time.
Yesterday I was sitting on the couch and heard her rummaging around in the kitchen. She had gum she had found.
Me: Where did you find that gum?
G: In the gum holder/
Me: Where is the gum holder?
G: Above the ABC stairs (aka the baker's rack)

We had a major sprite fight yesterday. I had to pry the bottle out of her hands then listen to her cry that it wasn't good in a cup and that she would be careful with the bottle. I decided to let her have special drinks - sprite or Capri Sun- when she's eating something, but water all the other times. She doesn't drink enough water.
She's doing better with potty training as long as we make her go.

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