Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 cm - a week, probably not 2

So I went to the dr today. I had to take a 1/2 day, so I enjoyed myself. I just read that one of the early onset of labor signs is a burst of energy. HA! I have been feeling that. I've been feeling great - light on my feet, lots of motivation, etc - until about 1:00 or so, depending on the day. Sometimes it lasts longer. Anyway, I got my eyebrows done; I went to Wal-mart to get Mother's Day presents, just in case I'm not able to coming up. I went to Hobby Lobby and spent money on the baby. Not a crime, and she really didn't have any "special" pretty things that were just for her. So I found her some pretties. The dr appt took a lot longer than usual. He checked me, which I remember from the 1st time around being pretty traumatic. I was prepared this time, but it was not fun. I'm 50% effaced and dilated (I always want to put an extra A in there) 3 cm. He said I probably have a week left, but probably not 2, though he is on call this weekend. I told him I was holding out for Mother's Day. We'll see. I have to get through this week at school because the big test is next week. We got the schedule today, and it sucks for me, so I won't be too disappointed if she's really a week early. Then we'll already be home for Grace's recital, etc. But now, every twinge, every little thing is going to make me paranoid. 
Princess birth announcement - precious and on sale. Hopefully my mother will help me work on it so it will be done. 

I completely balked at spending $30 on a changing table pad. Instead I bought a king-size pillow case and am going to sew one of the 20 or so blankets we have into a pillow case for it. $8 instead of $30.

Pretty cross. Her only one, so far.

Owl picture frame.

Cute rug

Cutest trash can ever

Owl trinket box for jewelry and hair bows.

Owl wipes case. I made this. Covered a plastic one with fabric and mod-podged it. Will that work? We'll see. 

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  1. It's getting exciting!!
    Useful piece of advice a Mother of Girls gave me:
    Put a terry towel or nappy down on the changing mat under the baby. Then if she does a wee as soon as you take the nappy off she will wet the towel, it will soak in and not run all over the mat soaking into her clothes. Same goes for the super-poo, it will go onto the towel which is easier to wash than the changing mat.
    (Tip for boys - keep a flannel handy to throw over his little man if he starts to do a fountain mid-change!)