Friday, May 25, 2012

10 - years and days

It's our 10-year anniversary and Amelia is 10 days old. How time flies!
We tried to go get her newborn screening done today, but they wouldn't do it until the 29th, so she gets a reprieve for awhile. We went to Beaumont to get a breast pump so that I can leave the house ever ever without her and found some cute winter 6-9 month clothes at Babies R Us on super sale, so we used all of our gift cards and never have to go there again. Plus, going through paperwork from my initial ob visit back in Oct, I found a rebate offer from Enfamil on any style pump, so double nice! It was our first extended public outing with her and she was so good. We used the carrier and the baby sling that I made and don't think I ever posted about. We went into an upscale boutique to exchange something and look for an anniversary/thanks-for-having-my-baby present for me and the ladies there glommed all over her. Part of the service, I guess. They hovered and chatted a lot, but I guess they have to, otherwise much of their overpriced little merchandise would walk away. We finally decided on a Celtic knot necklace that is very  fine. We went to a new little Mediterranean spot for lunch and it was nice. Not exactly our thing, but nice to try. We looked around B&N for awhile then came home, after a stop @ McD for drinks. Tomorrow my mother is hosting a belated birthday celebration for my grandmother, but I think I'm going to take Gracie out for breakfast and garage saling in the morning, just us, even though I'm not technically supposed to be driving yet. My back is hurting from not doing much, so I'm sitting with a heating pad. I plan to do more walking to build stamina, but not yet.  
Scott's mom with the girls


A picture of a picture - no digital pics from that point in our lives


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