Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer is Over!

So sayeth our convocation speaker. I'm glad to be going back to work Monday. Actually we've been working for 2 weeks getting ready. Amelia is doing well. I'll try to post pics later on. Gracie is looking forward to 1st grade. We went to Open House Thursday. It was all on the same night for the entire district, which I thought was bunk. Her teacher has sparkly purple eye lashes. Yes, that kind of teacher. I was annoyed, but Gracie worked with her some last year and she likes her, so hopefully it'll be great. I got lucky and will be teaching 2 pre-AP classes and the different kind of student that will be. I'm excited. There were about 12 that came to open house and they were all nice. I think it will be a good year, but I may just be optimistic ;) My outside duties are fine and I'm sure I'll find a good lunch group. I'm looking forward to it. I signed Gracie and me up for riding the yellow dogs to away games. I thought it would be a good bonding experience for us. I like seeing the kids in a different setting, they like it, and Grace gets a kick out of being around the big kids.

 We had a windfall in the form of a refund check from our mortgage insurance. Scott wanted to use it to replace our computers, which are old and don't hold a charge. I opted for a little red Acer netbook and I plan to get a new battery for my old laptop. It's still ok and has everything I like on it now. Anyway, we spent less than half of it then put the rest in savings. I feel good about having it for the next major car repair or whatever. The netbook is fun to take around. Much more portable. But the screen is smaller and I have to up the zoom to read comfortably on it.
I bought an epon for the "new fall color" and cut at a local salon for $65, which is cheaper than my usual girl usually charges for the works. It was such a waste. Evidently the new fall color is my natural hair color and the cut was just a trim of my original. Trifling.

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