Friday, August 5, 2016


Saturday we packed up and left. Long drive to Longview for the Great Texas Balloon Race. I found this through an email from Texas Highways. We needed something to do between Galveston and dropping Grace off at Girl Scout camp in Conroe, so instead of going to Scott’s parents’ house, we went to see hot air balloons.
I wanted to go get the Longview row by row before they closed, but I got lost. Our data wasn’t strong in that area and we ended up really lost. I wished we had Tomtom as a back up butwe didn’t.
We got to the motel, then headed out to the festival grounds. We ate, then sat around until it got dark for the balloon glow. Unfortunately, a storm moved through and that part of it was cancelled. Sunday morning we got up super early and drove down to the festival grounds for the Sunday morning competitions. That was totally worth it. And it was free to get in. It was really awesome to see the balloons start out over the horizon then come closer and closer and bigger and bigger. Some tips for next time: bring chairs and blankets. Bring a cooler and stuff to do. Don’t pay for tickets on Saturday; you can sit in the parking lot and watch the glow (I think) and come Sunday morning.
Right after that, we went back to the motel and packed up. I took a nap and Scott and the girls went swimming for a very short time.
We packed up, loaded up and left for Conroe. About 3 hours. Got there at a good time. She’s at Misty Meadows this week at All American Girl theme camp. It was hot hot hot and we were glad to drop her off, leave and get some drinks. We drove out to Montgomery to get their Row, which is too cute!
Then we took 105 home, stopping at Pizza Hut for a pizza to go, which was a great dinner choice.

We finally got home. Only to pack me up for a conference in Fort Worth, the next day.  

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