Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lager and Therapy Dogs

My little Millie is going to kindergarten next year (sad face) and Scott will be home alone for most of the day. Not a good plan for someone with major depression. So I've been thinking and praying about what we could do to help alleviate some of that, and a dog is what I came up with. 
We have Lily the 13 year old Chihuahua and Bean the 15 year old cat, but they are generally hands off and not so cuddly, especially since the girls came along. 
I love Chihuahuas, but our experience with Lily soured us to them. There are several rescues in our area that hold adoption days on Saturdays in the local pet stores and we've been stalking them for a few months. In person, Facebook, etc, just looking for a dog we are drawn to and we feel would be a good match for us. One of the reasons I like the rescues is because most of the dogs are with foster families and are already house broken and crate-trained, for the most part. 
We've been looking at all kinds of dogs. I'm drawn to big, black dogs or just big dogs in general. Also, of course, Chihuahua mixes. Millie and Grace like all kinds of dogs. Millie really loves the sweet Chihuahua mixes. If it were up to us, we'd have a whole herd of Chihuahuas. Scott is more reserved. 
One of the best things about the rescues is that they have "sleepovers" where the dog comes to stay with you for a while and you can bring him/her back if it doesn't work out. We tried one last week with Lager. He's a 50-lb, beautiful 2 year old, maybe a collie/shepherd mix. We found out a lot during his stay, but he wasn't ultimately for us. He's too energetic and rough with the girls. He doesn't know how big he is. But we found that we liked having a dog around that wanted to cuddle and love you. We think 50 lbs is too big, though.  One of the dogs Millie and I found and loved was this huge, white dog named Marsha Mallow. She's really striking, both because she's huge and because she's all white. Millie and I really liked her but Scott and Grace haven't seen her. Now, she's all Millie can talk about. Even when I remind her that Marsha is bigger than Lager and even Millie is saying we need a smaller dog, Millie still keeps talking about Marsh Mallow. But I really think Scott is not going to go for a big dog.
We had him Wednesday to Friday and brought him back Friday afternoon. 
We started again Saturday. Pups in Peril is an organization my pastor's wife is a part of and she's a real advocate for us getting a dog. My favorite there is a big, black female named Sadie. There was a smaller, black one, but they're not sure how potty trained she is. We've proven with both kids and dogs that we're not good at training, so that's out for us.
We spent some time at an art festival, and of course, Millie found some super tiny Chihuahua puppies that were soo sweet and lovable. Too small for us, though. 

PAWS Beaumont is usually at the PetCo in Beaumont, so we headed there next. They always have a ton of dogs available. We had told them we were looking for a female, and they had Rosebud. We took her out and played with her a bit and decided we would try her this Wednesday. She's soft and smaller - not too small. Big enough for Millie to be Millie with. And she seemed to like us and not freak out when Millie got in her face. And Scott liked her and made the arrangements for the sleepover. I'm hopeful but I know there are a lot of other dogs out there. We just need one that's good for our family. I'm still hoping for a big black dog, but it's not for me - it's for Scott and the girls. I'm the motivator, but it's their decision. 
This is Old Lady Lily

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