Friday, June 4, 2010

First week down

The first week of summer vacation is almost over. Wednesday we took my mother to the hospital for day surgery. Gracie went with us and was so good. We went to "Dumpin' Donuts" for breakfast after dropping mom off. Gracie had the "best donut she's ever eaten." I brought my computer so that she could watch a movie that we brought. Fortunately mother's surgery went well and they didn't find anything bad.

The other night Scott left out the back door then came back in the front door saying "Your daughter needs to get off of her dresser and stop playing with the blinds in her room." Yeah, my daughter.

Today we went to storytime at the Beaumont library, which was fun. We'll probably be going there again. We also went to the PA library summer program kick off. Gracie had popcorn and a snocone. We had to leave early to go get Scott from work, but we enjoyed what we were there for.

Today we're going to Houston for my dr appt. The plan is to go the the museum afterward to see the butterflies, then lunch at Freebird's then Ikea. Mom is going with us. Should be fun!

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