Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Still on vacation

Scott and I had a grown up day yesterday. Mawmaw kept Gracie - they picked flowers and tomatoes and made a cake. We went to Whole Foods, World Market, Petsmart, Freebird's and the mall for a while. Today the whole family went to the Forth Worth children's museum. It was a lot of fun. Very open with bright colors. Aunt Katie came in from her camp job and Gracie was all about Aunt Katie.

I had found Gracie a superman t-shirt because Scott had one. Turns out Scott had 2 and one of them fit me, so we matched today. Also turns out that Saturday is Superman's birthday and the museum was having a special event. Several staff members told us about that. The whole place was really nice. Many of the staff interacted well with the public. I was very impressed.

This is a huge macrame doll that was standing in the hallway

This is the colorful entrance to the Mexican toy exhibit. That was very interesting.

Gracie insisted Katie and I wear these sombreros for a while.

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