Thursday, March 1, 2012

2-year surgiversary

2 years ago today I had gastric bypass surgery. It was kind of a big deal.
This is what I posted on this morning.
Today is my 2-year surgiversary. I lurk on here a lot and I've learned so much, so I wanted to post and give an update or some encouragement. I started @ 246; I ended @ 147. I maintained that for 6-7 months until I got pregnant. 147 on me was a size M; 8-10. I was happy there and feel confident that I can return there after the baby is born. I had the surgery at 31 because I wanted to have another baby - and we are. I haven't had any problems. I'm supplementing D3 and A and iron, but that's to be expected. I followed the low carb, good carb diet pretty strictly until I got pregnant and learned how to eat and what to eat. The surgery has been good for me - I hope it continues to be a life-long tool. I'm still the same person. My husband is still here and our marriage has been solid. My daughter is more cognizant of food and what (I) we eat. You spend a lot of time focused on food and protein and limits and goals, but then it becomes second nature on what to eat, what to buy, what to order. You'll mess up and your pouch will tell you about it, then it will go away and you'll do better next time. Hopefully next year's Mar. 1 post will be much the same :) Have a great spring!
That is all.   
Of course, now I'm eating those words. I ate a bowl of cereal and got sick tonight. Throw up sick, which I haven't been in awhile. Too much sugar, too many carbs. I think I took a nap too, which is going to mess with me tonight.
Gracie came home from school with a fever and wanted to take a nap. Hopefully she'll be able to go to school tomorrow. I know they're doing something for Dr. Seuss's bday.
She's also being a complete turkey, but my friend said it's because her brain is still in development. So we're going to be more patient. Because she is still our darling doll baby.
I'm still trying to figure out baby names. No luck!

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