Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Spring Break

Our Wednesday didn't start out well. When we're out and about, Gracie is well-behaved. When we're at home, she's terrible. We did a mystery shop, went to HEB to get fruit, then came back home. Where she turned into a whiny, horrible little brat. I really didn't think we'd both survive today. We all went to do a lunch shop, then came home and I had a wonderful idea. It was a nice day, surprisingly. I wanted to sit outside, so I got Gracie to start a "collection" of stuff she found outside, then started a "nature notebook" after we came back inside to record her collection. That kept her busy for a long time today. 
Her collection in a glass (gasp) container. Fortunately she didn't break it. 

Her original notebook drawings. 

Snack and projects

After she went to town with stickers and glitter glue.
She's still whiny and now she wants to play with the baby's toys. While she was working, I did some cooking. I made my lunches for next week. I've made 2 pots of beans to freeze and cook with later. I made a roast for today and am working on yogurt. I bought a bag of potatoes at the store and made some mashed potatoes, gravy and a salad from my little lettuce plants. Yummy. 
We found out Gracie is anemic, which isn't a surprise considering that she doesn't eat much and eats a lot of junk. We're being more aware of her eating habits and promoting more meat and protein and healthy stuff. She actually had a good eating day today. She ate the egg from my breakfast sandwich, 6 donut holes (not that great), some yogurt, a lettuce taco, a banana, some grapes, mashed potatoes and meat. And some skittles. Poor baby. Playing outside was fun today. I got an honest-to-goodness sunburn and some Vitamin D. I hope tomorrow is nice too. I have a dr appt to talk about the ultrasound we did on Tuesday.

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