Friday, June 15, 2012


She's a pretty good baby. Poor thing has the worst gas - I've been told it's because of what I eat. She thinks she's hungry all the time. Today she has been screaming off and on because of her belly. Nursing has been going well. That's all I do, but it's going well. Most days I just hang out in a bra. She's also the baby that has to be held all the time. 9 out of 10 times when you put her down, her little eyes pop back open and she starts fussing. She doesn't like to be left alone in her bassinet. I don't think that's a learned behavior because she was like that in the hospital. She likes skin to skin contact.     
Gracie loves playing with her and fussing over her. She's a big help (or she always tries to help) changing Amelia's diaper and giving her a bath. She gets a kick out of Amelia's projectile poop. 
Scott's been home and that's been good. I thought 6 weeks would be too much, but I like having him home to do the dirty stuff. We're both spending a lot of time on the computer. 
We had her baptized last weekend. I didn't take any pictures, but someone did and I'll try to get them sometime. 

Pretty babies

Playing together


More pretty
I've been reading a lot and I've discovered Hulu. It's a little frustrating to only see a few episodes, but since we don't have cable anyhow, a few is better than none. My mother got me into Duck Dynasty, which is hilarious. I've found Alphas and I've seen the latest season so far of Eureka. Lots of down (in the chair) time this summer.

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  1. She's such a sweetie, and long too!
    The funniest thing I had with my son was sweet'n'sour chinese chicken - the next day his nappy was the exact same colour as the sauce I'd had!!