Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer schedule

This summer has been nice so far. Another reason never to coach a sport - the high school coaches oversee something called Summer Recreation, where elementary school kids get to go in the mornings and play games and swim and do on field trips. It's nice for me. Gracie goes every morning and loves it. In the afternoons, sometimes there's library things or movies or something else. She's been to a birthday party. Thursday afternoons she goes to maw-maw's. Just in time. Thursdays are when she gets into the most trouble. Most other days we all get along ok, but Thursdays she really can't behave. Some of it is because of the baby, but some of it is sheer perversity. She doesn't listen. She doesn't do what we ask/tell her to do. It's frustrating for all of us and we hate to have every interaction be negative, but there's a limit and she likes to push it with us.
Later this month we're going to a convention for my ladies' group, then hopefully we'll go traveling around some before we come home. July is her birthday party and August is school starting back up. Time is passing so slowly, but again, so quickly!  

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