Sunday, February 2, 2014

Girl scout update

Our girl scout meetings have been going well, I think. They have been at our house, which is not the best plan. We average between 5 and 8 second and third graders. Sometimes Grace is the naughty one, but she’s so excited to have little girls over. It’s been nice to have an excuse to insist the house be cleaned up once a week, but we’re moving to a church this week.

The second meeting was our Christmas party and that was fun. They  played pin-the-nose on Frosty. I had one of my students draw a big poster of Frosty, though he put a gangsta hat on him.

The girls did a present exchange and I learned they didn’t know their rights and lefts. Ornaments were made and cookies consumed, etc.

One of the best meetings was when my mom came and did scrapbooks with them. All of the girls showed up to that meeting and they were very excited about having the books to do Girl Scout stuff in. I’m using it like a modified science notebook I do at school, trying to fit things in there that go along with whatever activity we’re working on.

So far we’ve finished the Meet Your Customers cookie badge and most of My Best Self badge and are working on the Home Scientist badge.

It’s a lot of work to plan out the meetings. Girls don’t do well with down time, so you have to move fast and be prepared for the next thing. It’s like a lesson plan each week that just lasts 1 class period. I think it will be more fun at the church than at my house.  We’re wrapping up initial cookie orders this week, then there are cookie booths and deliveries, etc. I hate having to worry about the money side of it, but it’s a new skill set for me, I guess.

Pin the nose on Frosty

Present exchange game with Millie in the middle

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