Sunday, February 16, 2014


I've been watching the Olympics. I love them. All of the events are unfamiliar to this Deep South girl, but it's really neat. I'm trying to figure out my favorite moments - there are so many - but many of those pictures are probably copywrited. I like following the events and athletes on Twitter.  The athleticism and commitment are incredible. I can't even ice skate and these hockey players and ice skaters and speed skaters make it look so easy.
 I love the personal stories NBC throws in there. And the "Thanks Mom" commercials.

Jeremy Abbott's fall; Jason Brown's success; The Pink Panther program; Noelle Picus-Pace; the snowboarding; hockey - all so good!
I liked the hockey game yesterday. Even though I couldn't watch all of it, the replays are fun. Figure skating has been fun. I've even been watching the skiing events. I don't care - I'm watching whatever's on.
We tried to get Grace to watch the opening ceremonies, but she wasn't interested. She's still not all that interested. She keeps insisting that she doesn't even know what the Olympics are, but Pawpaw explained it to her and she's read a book about the first Olympics, but I guess she's got other things on her mind.

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