Saturday, February 22, 2014

Science conference

Today was our mini Science conference. I try to go every year if I can. There are some good ideas. I end up learning a lot and getting re-energized for just giving up a Saturday. Every other year for me is pretty great and this was a good one. I won a book from one of my workshops, I bought a great, $7 bracelet and spent almost an hour brainstorming foldables with other people. It was pretty cool for a Saturday morning. I need to start taking pictures of my own foldables and post because I've come up with some good ones. It just takes time and some space to breathe and create to put them together.
I love the planning part of teaching. I've been putting together a heinous month-long lesson cycle on Evolution. It's been exhausting, but I think I've got it almost finished. Of course, we're more than halfway through it, so I'd better get it done soon ;)
Then I go to a conference and see a bunch of other great ideas so I need to add to . . .
Prezi is pretty cool, but seems to require a steep learning curve. I got some specific review stuff for the STAAR, then won the book it came from.
My partner and I have been talking about making up an intensive review based on the reporting standards and I want us to present that next year and at the state conference. It could be great!

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