Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rough night

We had a rough night tonight with Grace. She comes back from my mother's house with an attitude of entitlement and spoiled brattiness.
She had food in the fridge from the other night that she had sworn she would eat for supper, so tonight, when she said she was hungry, we brought it out and endured about an hour of screaming and crying.
:It tastes bad; I hate it; The broth is too thick; It hurts my throat; You must hate me; The cabbage was too sour and sweet; We're putting pressure on her over a bowl of soup:
I told her that she was obviously tired and was going to go to bed early so she would be better tomorrow. Another set of fit-pitching when we tried to get her to bed, only this time she also brought Millie into it. She wished she was an only child and Millie took away all of her attention and she just wanted to cuddle with Mommy, she never gets to spend time with Mommy, etc. Some parts of that breaks me, but most of it just pisses me off. She spent a lot of the evening sneaking off to watch a show we didn't want her to watch. Cue lots of manipulative tears and wooden spoon spankings. I'm so tired of her arguing all the time. And talking to us like we're stupid or her servants. We are not raising her like that. Poor Millie was just minding her own business.  I finally sat down with Grace and told her that we are all part of this family and no one was more or less special than anyone else and we were very upset she didn't want her sister to be with us anymore. She said she just wants to be a little kid again. She's too old for that. And I told her that if she got out of the bed, she would lose tv time for the week.

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