Thursday, March 20, 2014


Since I'm a science person, fermenting foods is right up my alley. Of course, it takes special equipment that I don't have, but I managed to gather some supplies via ebay. And I had cabbage in a produce basket, so I've got some cooking, so to speak. Glass, wide-mouth mason jars, washed cabbage, sea salt. Just make sure the shredded cabbage stays under the liquid, lidded with an airlock. I put them in the cabinet to ferment, so hopefully there will be some great sourkraut in a few weeks. Usually you would do this in a stone crock and put weights on the cabbage to keep it under the liquid, but I don't think the baby would leave it alone, so I'm starting here. 

And I'm making another batch of vanilla. I ordered vanilla beans and bought vodka, so there should be homemade vanilla for Christmas. 

And I want to do kombucha, but I'm afraid it's going to take too much time and attention. Maybe this summer. It's such a great science experiment and good nutrition, according to all of the hype, but it tastes like ass. Unfortunately, it tastes so bad. This hibiscus flavor is the best I've tasted. And of course, mine would taste worse until I figure out how to make it taste good. You have to make a mother SCOBY and feed it on schedule so it makes babies, though it won't make good kombucha if its underfed and malnourished. This may be a summer project.  

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