Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quiltville Mystery Quilt

After the success of last year's Alletaire, I was eager to again embark on En Provence - Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt this year. I loved the colors but I just never got into the pieces. I'd make a few here or there. I don't count well and my sewing was really shoddy. Now, since the reveal, I decided I didn't need another quilt, especially since I haven't completely completed Alletaire, so I'm going to make place mats and a table runner for a friend's wedding. People on facebook have been altering the layout and I found one I liked better - it has better flow, or maybe is just easier to read.
So I laid out some preliminary pieces and I'm really discouraged. My sizes are way off and I'm going to have to make a bunch more pieces and I have too many of others. So I'm going to put it away until I really have some focused time to work on it. I'm excited about it. I loved using the tri rec ruler. I like another piece quite a lot. It's just a lot of pieces.


This is a screen shot of the layout I like. I love the circles. I'm going to make 4 placemats of the magenta stars and 4 with the purple (blue here) stars. 

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