Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gracie and the no good, very bad day

Well, it finally happened. Grace had to move her feather at school. She was talking or moving or something and she had to move her feather. She was pretty upset about it. We tried to tell her that that was normal. Everyone has bad days sometimes. She also got in trouble on the way home for something, and then again for painting her fingernails without permission when she got home. Now, keep in mind, there's only about 20 minutes between them getting home and me getting home. I tried to explain to Scott that painting one's fingernails was therapeutic after a hard day. Like getting a new haircut. So she got to paint her nails. She had 5 different bottles opened in front of her and she was going to town. Tomorrow she'll go apologize to her teacher and everything will be better. She's earning jelly beans in a jar for Lent (I'll post more on that later), but today was a no jelly bean day. But I did add a lot of white ones in, which stand for the Grace of God, which covers all of our sins and can't be earned.  

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