Sunday, February 12, 2012

lots of sewing this weekend

I found out this weekend that my friend's baby shower is next weekend. I had intended to make a quilt for the baby. I bought this giraffe nursery print to use as a backing and was going to do a 9-square patchwork quilt top with my pink scraps. The technique went perfectly. I figured out the measurements. I paid attention to seam allowances and pressed my seams. I was so pleased - until I put them together and saw that, no, they did not go together.  I was pretty bummed. But I had a baby pink bed sheet I had gotten at a garage sale that would match both. So, I ended up with 2 quilts - one for my friend's baby and one for my own. The one I'm going to keep matches Gracie's  - it uses a lot of the same fabric scraps - and the other is really cute. I just have to sew up the binding and quilt them, but they're small and I can do that this week or on Friday. Yippee!
Just what I needed to do this weekend after a really stressful week at school!

Look at those great squares! It's, like, all square and everything. But really, I did learn a lot from Gracie's quilt and made this one more precisely. I learned that I should stabilize t-shirt material with interfacing, but I'm cheap and lazy, so I sandwiched those squares with quilting cotton, so they didn't stretch as much. I figured out that you can use all of your random bobbin bits up chain piecing because no one will ever see the stitches. And the top and bobbin didn't have to match at all.  I'll probably definitely make another one of these. Maybe for my sister's baby. I've been gathering greens and blues to use for a little boy. 

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