Tuesday, July 15, 2014

4th of July vacation day 2

Vacation day 2

After breakfast we headed to find lbj state and national park. We picked out our souvenirs and walked a round the living history farm. The guy there told us all sorts of stuff about how they were able to make fresh milk last up to 2 weeks. Separating the cream, yogurt, cottage cheese and more. Just a whole progression of what to do to keep from feeding it to the chickens. They had cooked a meal on an iron stove. There were turkeys and chickens and cows and pigs in the yard. We went swimming in their swimming facilities. Big pool, diving board, picnic areas. Very nice everywhere we went on this trip had great picnic areas. We had our lunch, then bribed grace with some peach ice cream to get to our next stop, which was luckenbach.
There isnt much to luckenbach. I had a beer. Scott got a funnel cake. We got a few little souvenirs and a picture with the hondo sculpture. There were bikers there. It was a quick trip, then we went to Fredericksburg and found our hotel. It was prefectly nice. Decent breakfast. Millie was a toot, of course. We figured out a plan for dinner and headed back down town. It was very busy. It seems like everyone had our same idea. There are a lot of little speciaty stores there. Lots of opportunity to drop serious cash if you are the lucky rich. We found a decent parking space for Fredericksburg brewery and the wait wasn't too bad. All of the places we went had good holding areas and quick turnovers. I had a peach-infused beer that was very good, and a burger. Scott had bratwurst and sourkraut. There was time afterwards for the girls to play at marketplatz in the square in town. It was beautiful, with indian iron statues and a water wheel turning.
After that, we went to old tunnel state park to watch the Mexican free tail bats emerge. There was a detour and we were going down twisty country roads in the dark. Grace was a little freaked out. It is definitely not our usual roads. We made it and got a seat, but we had to wait a long time. Too long for Millie. It was really neat though. I videoed it. A big vortex of bats. Then the long twisty road home. What would we do without technology? Tomtom brought us home safely. It was a long day, but I think everyone enjoyed it. That's the best part of planning your own vacation. Everything you do is on your own time and your own fault if it sucks. But not much sucked about this vacation. Except the traffic. That sucked all over.

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