Sunday, July 27, 2014

Harry Potter Party

My love, my heart, my first-born turned 8 on July 20. Since she's brilliant, she's been reading and loving the Harry Potter series. Thanks to Pinterest, there are lots and lots of ideas out there. We had a sleepover with school/class activities. There weren't a lot of girls there because of summer and her age, I think, but the ones who were there had a good time. 
Snitch cake pops were probably my biggest fail. I used chocolate, which showed through. I used those chocolate melts in a yellow color and they were really thick and didn't cover well. 

Goody bags - chocolate frogs, snitch pops, Bertie Botts Beans, lightning bolt cookies and Harry Potter glasses. 

I used Gimbol's jelly beans for Bertie Botts. 

Lightning bolt cookies. 

Hedwig balloons

Balloons carried the class schedule. 

Bertie Botts Bingo 

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