Thursday, July 17, 2014

4th of july vacation day 3

Getting ready to climb.

This thing wouldn't walk on her own.

On the way up.

Thor's hammer

At the top

Beautiful view.


After a restful night's sleep, we got up and went down, then up to our free breakfast. It was good. Carby, but good. We left and had a beautiful drive up to enchanted rock state park. We got there at 8, a great time. We got our sunscreen and bug spray on, the set out. Millie had to bring fish, then she wouldn't walk. Scott climbed all the way up and down with her on his shoulders. He checked his man card today. It was really hard. It didn't take long, but it was hard. And going down was hard. I fell and scraped my knee. We got hats to commemorate our success. We let the girls play at the playground there and had our picnic. We went back into town to go to this peach orchard place. It was probably the only thing we did that didn't turn out well. Grace got some more peach ice cream. After that we drove down to gruene, along with everyone else in Texas. It was very crowded. The only thing I wanted to do was eat at the Gristmill on the river. There was a wait, but it wasn't bad. There was a guy in their courtyard playing Texas country. It was nice. The food was good and not expensive. Getting home was not fun. Lots of traffic. Tomtom found us alternate routes when I10 was at a standstill. But now it's over. My long-awaited vacation, years in the making. Where to plan for next? We are going to Galveston later this month, but we have a Harry Potter birthday party to plan for.

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