Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cheesecake bites

After the mother-of-all-shopping trips that quickly turned into the shopping-trip-from-hell via Gracie, I made some cheesecake bites.
I mostly used this recipe. I say mostly because I didn't really. I added vanilla protein powder. My Greek yogurt was my homemade stuff that didn't turn out too well. For flavoring, I halved the cheesecake and used sf lemon pudding mix and sf key lime jello.
I like them just fine. I made them into bite-like things with cupcake liners. (Just ignore the hearts). Some went into the freezer for later, some in the fridge for now. I don't know that I would feed them to anyone, but they're good for me as a protein snack. I'll probably tweak them to make them better next time.

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