Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I teach high school. Year in and year out there are about 130 different teenagers in my life. Sometimes teenagers do stupid things, get hurt or die. Other times they are like the rest of the population - they get into accidents and die. It's always a tragedy and it hits a high school hard. And when another student is the cause of it - it adds to the collective pain. The students in their classes; the teachers who teach or taught them; friends of friends, etc. It's a small community, so it bleeds there too. So we're moving through TAKS week in mourning and upset. This very special TAKS week with results that will be with us for 2 years. But we are who we are and we'll take care of our students and get through this week.

This week I'm praying for healing of body for ME; comfort for the family of JS and compassion for TR.

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