Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter foods

I ate crap over Easter weekend. I’m usually really good about my diet. Of course, I’ve been more lax as time passes on, but still, I’ve been good.

SO I’m back on the wagon again this week. Scott has strict orders to eat all the cupcakes and cookies before I get home today. Gracie and I went through her Easter candy and I brought what she didn’t want to eat to school for my kiddos. They’ll clean me out, because they’re teenagers and act like they’ve never had candy in their lives – and that will be that.

So eats for today, which is pretty typical. I do well during the school year, but not so well during the summer. I should make up my lunches like I would eat at school and just eat that everyday instead of having no plan for meals. Maybe I’ll try that this summer. But there’s the laziness to factor in there again. We’ll see.

Breakfast – 1 half of a Nature’s Own wheat thin with homemade chicken salad (chicken, onions, horseradish sauce, chipoltle mayonnaise and spicy mustard) with cheese. Sometimes I do organic peanut butter with good stats and sf jelly, or other times I do laughing cow cheese.

Snack – yummy protein coffee – 26 grams of chocolate, pb, coffee goodness. I put a scoop of protein powder and a few tsp of decaf sf coffee powder. I splash cold water in it and mix until smooth, then add the hot water. Probably not quite 26 g because some of it always sticks to the bottom, but a good amount for a snack.

Snack 2 - wasabi-flavored soy beans

Lunch – my chicken veggie concoction PICTURES – and homemade yogurt. I’ll post something about that later on. I mixed it with sf pudding to try to thicken it up. Kind of wangy, but lots of things I eat have a wang to them, so I ignore it.

My after school snack is where the wheels fall off the wagon for me generally. Budgetwise, protein-friendly snacks have been hard to come by, but I need to plan harder and smarter. I need to put some protein bars in my drawer to eat before I leave school. Or make some – I have a good recipe, but I need some more protein powder. Hopefully at the store today.

ETA: Dinner was casa ole. Then the grocery store. Gracie was horrible.

I made some protein cheesecake bites and protein bars that aren't coming together too much.

Praying for: a co-worker who is beginning cancer treatment.

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