Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter weekend

Gracie in our backyard.

Gracie and her friend posing with the Easter lilies at church

Gracie and Brady ready to hunt eggs.

My Easter weekend started out well. I had a girl’s night with my friend. We went to see another friend in an Easter play/walk-through that was really nice. Then we went out to dinner and out again. We met up with some people. I spent the night at her apartment because we had plans the next day. She was so sweet. I slept on the couch and she tucked me in with a quilt. It was still tucked in the next morning. I was touched. She’s younger and normally I would/should be the older, wiser, mentor-type person, but she generally takes care of me when we go places. That was especially true the next day. It was Earth Day – we went to Starbux – I got the free coffee with refillable mug – then we went to give blood and get free crawfish. Now it’s been about 10 years since I’ve given blood. And for good reasons, it turns out. I always want to do it. It seems like such a good thing to do – relatively painless and it does so much good for other people. Win-win. Except for me. I guess I had forgotten or thought that I had grown out of it or something. Anyway I get really ill. Like pass-out disoriented, nauseated, etc. It was the lure of the crawfish, I tell you. Lovely, yummy boiled crawfish. Anyway, my friend once again had to take care of me. Rather, she brought me to my parents, which was good enough. I was useless the rest of that day and some of the next. I did manage to get up and get us dressed the next day to go get my car, then shop around a bit, then take Gracie to an Easter egg hunt, but that was about it for me. Never, never again. I did get signed up on the bone marrow registry, which was nice, as did my friend and her friend who was with us. And they are both O blood types and will probably start giving more now, so not a total loss, but man. What a day! My parents too Gracie to Shangri-la for a butterfly release. They said there was about 1000 people there. Earth day!

Praying for: the people who will get our blood and for the ones waiting for a match on the bone marrow registry.

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