Sunday, April 15, 2012

Busy weekend

Spring soccer season has started. We had soccer practice 3 times last week. Not that the girls don't need it, but geez! Gracie is doing better with the ball. She actually kicked it some during the game. She needs to follow it up and be more aggressive, but that may come. We went to a fund-raiser before the game, then to a cousin's party afterward. Busy! It was very nice to see everyone, though. Gracie spent the night with mawmaw and I went to spend some alone time in Beaumont. Bought a few things for the baby, looked at breast pumps and really couldn't make a decision. Got some cute owl stickers for decorations and walked around B&N for awhile. Nice night. I'm going to rest up today (Sunday) though. I need to drink more water and put my feet up. I'm already having the Braxton-Hicks contractions, which isn't bad - my body needs to practice those, but with the baby already being so active, it wears a momma out. So resting today!

Cute patoot nephew

Soccer girl

Workin' it

On the field

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