Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nursery progress

2 weeks left. I have some wonderful friends who volunteered to help me get the nursery together. That's what we did yesterday. I washed and dried all of the clothes and bedding, and they came to help sort, put up and put things in places. I can now go into labor and the baby will have a place to lay her puddin' head. She doesn't have a name - but she has a pretty place to sleep. We even went on a late-night Target run to get some additional stuff. My friend pointed out the oddness of my willingness to purchase a $17 photo album for the baby but balk @ buying a $30 changing table pad. I didn't end up with either, but I am going back out into the shops again this morning after church to finish up. We do need a changing table pad and a trash can and a few other things. Otherwise we're hunky dory - ha! The room is hunky dory. I'm pretty miserable. 2 more weeks!

1 comment:

  1. The Owl wall hanging looks amazing!
    I don't think it's odd about the photo-album vs changing table pad.
    The photo album will be a treasured possession all her life whereas the changing mat will be gone in a couple of years totally worn out!
    Looking forward to "seeing" her and learning her name! Hope she doesn't keep you waiting too long.