Sunday, April 1, 2012

That new car smell

We are rough on cars. When I was pregnant with Gracie, Scott messed up the body of the only car we had with a back seat, so we had to go and buy something. That was our first experience and we got a decent deal on a Chevy Equinox. Which we subsequently drove into the ground while upside down on the note. Not good. So lately I've been stressing about what we're going to do when it finally bites the dust. Then our other, freebie car went into the shop and we were down to just the Equinox. Friday I got a flyer in the mail saying that a local dealership wanted my Equinox and was willing to pay me big buck for it and while I'm at it, give me a good deal on a new car. I knew that was complete BS because I know what bad shape that car was in, but it's the end of the month and I had no other plans, so I took my car up there just to see what they could do for me. My goal was to get out from under the Equinox note and to come back with something more reliable with a lower monthly payment. And I brought papers to grade while they did that. 
It was a process - the 2 cars she wanted to put me in were too much with the note, so we ended up with this cute LITTLE thing. The people there were great - I got exactly what I wanted at the price I wanted and they had to work some things to get it for me. I just graded papers while they worked their magic. It's not red. And we lost a lot of trunk space, but it had good gas mileage, a CD player that works and only 150 miles. But, considering what I went in there with and our credit and the fact that there's no money anywhere to throw at it, it will do us for the next 6 years or so. I am looking forward to the gas mileage, especially with gas prices (OMG!) spiking. 
Gracie was with my mother, so we called to tell her. She never liked the Equinox, so when we told her that we didn't have it any more, she muttered under her breath "Finally." We just about died! Where did that come from? She loves the little Sonata, so maybe she'll like this little Sonic thing too. 
And there's a bluetooth thing where I can answer my phone from my steering wheel! I was really amazed when the salesman set that up for me. We don't have a bluetooth device, but my phone will do it and that was pretty cool. Hands free - much safer, and we can all talk to Mawmaw without Gracie messing with my phone. 

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