Friday, August 2, 2013

Mama Vacation 1 Day 1

After many hours delay, I met Leslie at our motel and planned our first adventure. Not really an adventure, since we’re not adventurous types, but our first outing. L&L

We went to Mesina Hof, a world-famous, award-winning winery here in Bryan/College Station. I went with my mother and nana when I was in college, like 10 years ago, but I haven’t been since. It was nice. The story and production haven’t changed but the wines are still good. We did the tour with wine tasting at the end. Then we had dinner at the winery restaurant. I had the shrimp creole and a Gervertz wine that was suggested. The food was ok. The wine was excellent. I’ve had good cajun cuisine. This wasn’t it. The food was hot in a pepper way, not a spicy way, which is a difference if you’ve had good cajun cooking. It was a lovely dinner, then we walked around until it got dark. Then we went and dangled our feet in the pool for awhile. Now we’re getting ready for our next adventure tomorrow. Though, really, I’m looking forward to the breakfast in the morning. Smile

Messina Hof GrapesWine tasting

Of course we learned more about the wine-making process. I took a wine-making class in college but I don’t remember most of it. The grapes on the vine there are used to make port when they are on the vine that long. Port is good, sweet dessert wine. They have grapes growing all over Texas and other places, I think. They have a festival over several weekends where the public pays for the pleasure of harvesting and stomping the grapes. Puny public, though Leslie and I will be doing the same at some other winery on Saturday. It’s the experience, I guess. There was a couple in the gift shop who bought 3 bottles of wine for $128. That’s a lot of passion right there. And disposable income, but passion! Leslie bought a reasonable Angel Riesling, but I just stuck to my tastings and the one I had with dinner. Messina Hof is at the grocery store, but there are special wines they don’t stock a lot of. I know I like Riesling and Gervertz, Moscato and Port.

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