Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mama vacation 1 Day 2 part 2

This area of Texas has beautiful rolling hills and bluebonnets in the spring. After the grape stomping, we went into Brenham proper to check into our fantastic bed and breakfast. I may be a convert after this stay. We stayed at the Ant Street Inn, which was incredible. The whole downtown Brenham area was really nice and interesting. There are a lot of little shops and a few eating places in walking distance. We checked in and learned about the breakfast the next morning, the veranda outside the second floor, the coffee, drinks and blue bell in the fridge, and the wine social at 5:30. We figured we didn’t need to go to Blue Bell to get ice cream, so we went to another winery to see the sights.

 BrenhamASI sign

ASI Inn (2)ASI InnASI room (2)ASI roomASI wine socialASI Leslie

We had beer and pizza for dinner. The next morning we had that wonderful breakfast then walked around awhile. There was a cute park close by that told an interesting story that started out being about Brenham cisterns then ended up being about arson and looting by the union army after the Civil War. It was very interesting.

I’m glad I went to spend time with Leslie. On the way home I stopped to see another college friend and bridesmaid who had just had her first baby. It was a very nice weekend, and my babies missed me a lot too!

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