Sunday, June 5, 2011


Gracie and I went to our thrift shop Saturday morning to see what we could see. I ended up with 2 summer dresses that fit me really well and a pair of jeans I want to make aprons from. We also got a bunch of pretty fake flowers, our favorite decoration to put in vases all around the house. I also found a belt.

We also went to the little farmers stand to see what fruits we could find. I knew we wouldn’t eat a whole bucket of anything, so she made us up a mixed bucket of some orange things, peaches and cucumbers, and a watermelon. We’ve been enjoying those a lot.

Friday during our shopping around, I found 2 plates at Big Lots for $3 each.

And I can't even stay frugal at Wal-mart. The one in Orange still sells fabric and has remnants! I got some plain white, plain yellow and some precious bumble bees on yellow. I can't wait to use them!

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  1. That fruit looks good! I love farm stands...and don't take me to thrift stores or places with fabric! =) I haven't been to Big Lots in a while, but that place is dangerous too.

    Looks like you had fun! =)