Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Watermelon smoothies

I love watermelons. It's my favorite flavor. They make summertime awesome! We bought 2 seedless watermelons today for $5. I took one of them and used the ice cream scoop to make balls then froze them for awhile. Then I attempted making a watermelon smoothie. Good idea. Gracie loves watermelon too. The first attempt was bad and went down the sink. I tried to make it all protein healthy and put a scoop of strawberry protein in it. Totally ruined the flavor. Unfortunately. I hate to waste. The second attempt was better, but not perfect.
Here is what I did:
About 2 cups of frozen watermelon balls
about 3/4 cups watermelon juice (as I scooped the balls, I drained the juice into a cup.)
1 scoop Splenda
1/2 cup homemade greek yogurt
a few splashes Amaretto sugar free syrup (I'll use less next time)
a few sprinkles lemon-flavor jello

Gracie and I are enjoying them now.

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