Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gracie room redo

>So I’ve been nesting (according to Scott). With my friend’s help, we’ve rearranged the kitchen, the living room and Gracie’s room. Her room needed a little help. We moved some stuff out. We changed her dresser, which was broken with no Scott skills to fix. This weekend was the big re-do. And I was a little intimidated. I started Saturday with washing her walls and doors, thinking that might get the crayon off. It didn’t. But it did prepare the walls for paint. I taped off part of her wall from her closet to the other wall and painted a coat of chalkboard paint. I painted the outside of her door, then touched up the door ways and the white shelf on the wall. Then I left it. Sunday morning I painted the other side of the door, then after church did a second coat on the chalkboard paint and the lavender on the walls. Fortunately the color blended in well and I don’t think we’ll need to repaint the entire room. We still need to move the furniture back and put stuff back on the walls, but I’m pleased with the result. The crayon marks are gone. The paint tape didn’t seal well and there are border issues with the chalkboard, but we can get molding or some kind of something to put around it.

This is me unapplying hardware to paint the door.

This is what the door looks like pre-paint.

This is Grace being told for the upteenth time not to touch the painted wall.

Little condition problems but I fixed those.

In a fit of frugality I decided to spray paint the door knobs instead of buying new ones. I'm not sure how that's going to hold out. I think there's a male gene involved with putting these suckers back on. Because I'm having trouble. With the knobs, the light switch cover and the outlet cover. Scott, save me!

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