Sunday, June 12, 2011


I took Gracie to the spray park on Sunday. She had a good time. We met a friend of mine and her daughter there and they had fun too.

Tuesday was a long day for me. I think because Scott woke me up early. Bad husband during summer break! Scott took Gracie roller skating, she played in her pool and we went to watch a movie @ a local library.
Wednesday was another long day. We started out going to a Bible class for Gracie at church. While she was there, I went to Big Lots and Family Dollar for the first round of shopping. After I picked G up, we went to Taco Bell, then to TSO, then to the library, then to the dentist, then to the grocery store. It was a huge shopping trip. Our larder was bare and we had some legit needs. Now we have fruit and crackers and yogurt making in the crock pot and chicken cooking in the oven.
I did find this out about myself - if you mark it down to $1 - I will buy it. Crackers, chips, cookies - Big Lots sucked me in. Also - book buying is an illness. No wonder we have so many books. I moseyed into the book sale room at the library. I tried to pick up a book that I already have both the ebook and the audiobook. What's wrong with me? We just went through our books again to weed them out.

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