Sunday, September 15, 2013

Grace’s blog

Millie 4

My parents gave Grace one of their old laptops for her birthday this year. We also relocated and re-batteried her kid’s digital camera, so I offered to set up a blog for her under my blog.

Her camera is a kid’s camera, but it’s digital and it connects to a computer, so I showed her how to do that and move the pictures over. There were a lot of old pictures on there from when she first played with the camera and lots of unflattering shots of just about everyone. 

So far, her blog is just pictures of her baby dolls and how much she loves the people in her life, but I think she may be able to use it more as she grows to document stuff that happens. Like what I do with this blog – document our life so I can go back later and see it. I have a terrible memory, so this helps to make sure there are memories there.

She chose her own name – Grace’s School Blast and all of the content is hers. Drop by and give her a comment if you can. 

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